Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Latka Quotes #2

"In my country, we believe that the only things that separate us from
 the animals are pointless rituals and mindless superstitions."
- Latka Gravas

Episode Honor thy father:
Latka: You know, in my country we have a saying: "Your father, he may beat you. Your father, he may curse you. Your father, he may take your last piece of meat..."
Alex: Go on.
Latka: That's all.
Bobby: You mean that's the whole saying?
Latka: Yeah, it's a small country.

Episode Simka returns:
Vic: I am completely taken by you and I want to love you.
Simka: Well, in my country there is only one thing a girl can say to that, which is one of the reasons I left.

Latka: That's the one thing I like about you. You eat like a swine.

Episode Memories of Cab 804 (2)
Latka (After checking out the damaged 804): I quit

Episode Latka's Cookies:
Latka: You know, I do not want to be rich for the same reasons that other men want to be rich.
Alex: Oh, you mean not for the houses, the cars or the women?
Latka: Oh, maybe it was the same reason

Latka (discovering the cookies were made with coca leaves): This would explain why my grandmother's cookies were so popular with musicians in my country

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  1. I love Latka!
    He's so funny, but I see why Andy didn't want to be remembered as him.
    (Not 'cause he's funny...)

    -RIP True Legend