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-> Tony Clifton Show on May 16, 2010 @ The Comedy Story

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May 16

It's now 26 years since Andy left the world. Too young, too soon...but still he's remembered by many people..his pranks and jokes are still living. Still some people think it is his another prank to fake his death... maybe he is hiding somewhere and planning his comeback.... nothing's impossible ;)

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Tony Clifton article again ;)

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Tony Clifton returns, whether you like it or not

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Of course it's about Tony Clifton but the interview mentions wanted to shared it:

May 16th is an important date, is it not?
Well, you saw the movie Man on the Moon? That movie ends with my appearance at the Comedy Store on May 16th. And, that will be exactly 25 fucking years to the day. So, it’s kind of historic that I’m coming back on that date at the Comedy Store. I’m still around. See, Kaufman’s dead. I’m still kicking, aren’t I? He did everything that….listen, Rob. He never drank, he never smoked, vegetarian bullshit, yoga three hours a day. And, he died at 35. And, he is dead. I don’t believe any of that “faked his death” bullshit.


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Is Mobile Like Andy Kaufman?
Introducing the second agency-focused panel of the day, moderator Alan Chappelle compared mobile to late, great comedian Andy Kaufman, “because everyone is doing everything, and everything is upside down and we’re not sure if folks are really serious about this,” he said. It’s wild, wacky and no one knows what’s going on. Does this mean REM will write a song about mobile too?

Is Mobile The Andy Kaufman Of Media?
How many of you remember the non sequitur comedian and performance artist Andy Kaufman? You know, the guy who played Latka on “Taxi?” That’s who OMMA Mobile moderator Alan Chapell likened mobile media to.
“You never really knew if Andy was joking or not,” Chapell said, adding, “The whole wrestling thing, I was never really sure if he was serious or not into his endeavors into the wrestling ranks.”
Well, I’d like to think I knew about Andy’s seriousness (if you ask me, it’s a bit like Sara Silveraman’s seriousness. They’re both serious about their comedy, and wrestling, or adopting terminally ill retarded children may be part of their serious lives, but it was all an end to a comedic means. If you know what I mean.)
Anyway, Chapell isn’t so sure. And he’s not so sure about the intentions of mobile marketers or mediums, er platforms.
“I’m going to go out and say mobile is like Andy Kaufman,” Chapell asserted, adding, “You’re not really sure. Traditional roles are so upside down, that you don’t know if some of these folks are serious about this.”

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